Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss

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1️⃣ A lip plumper that really works! With this lip plumping gloss, you will instantly have fuller, plumper, more voluminous lips. Make your lips sexy, feminine and plump.
2️⃣ Moisturizing: Enriched with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, powerful antioxidants and other skin conditioning agents, our non-oily gloss provides excellent hydration for your lips. Leaves lips soft, pigmented and long-lasting.
3️⃣Moisturizing lip texture - for lips that are seductive and sensual. Your lips look like they've just been kissed by the sun, chilled and glowing with vibrant color. Super cool, perfect for hot summer days.

Give you fuller and hydrated lips without needles.

1️⃣ Vitamine E allows for lips to produce collagen for naturally plumper lips

2️⃣ Hyaluronic Acid that increases moisture retention, so lips stay hydrated and juicy.

Dermatologist tested the current blend of active ingredients are gentle enough to use consistnetly but strong enough to notice visible results.

Reasons to Love:

  • Experience long-lasting results that speak volumes! Enjoy up to 12 hours of irresistible lip plumpness with just one application of our lip volumizers.
  • Say goodbye to thin lips! Get instant, enviable volume with our revolutionary lip volumizers.
  • Plump and perfect your pout effortlessly! Our lip volumizers offer customizable control for your desired lip enhancement.
  • Achieve fuller lips naturally! No need for invasive procedures or fillers with our innovative lip plumping solution.
  • Enhance your lipstick game! Our formula seamlessly integrates with your favorite lipstick or gloss, giving you a flawless, plumped look.

Who are we?
Plump It Up! is a U.S. based cosmetic company dedicated to providing amazing beauty results using safe and effective quality innovative products.

Leading the way to natural beauty
We believe in achieving true beauty without needles, knives and other invasive procedures. We also know that many of us want to enhance our natural features. That's why we've created a line of transformative formulas to harness and accentuate your natural beauty in a safe and effective way.

Active ingredients, backed by science
Each product contains the right concentration of active ingredients that can make a positive and dramatic difference in your appearance. All of our formulations are based on science and clinical research.

Beautiful and Natural
Unlike invasive surgical procedures and vaping-based products, Plump It! products are completely safe, natural, and allow you to use varying amounts of product to control your appearance. It provides excellent results at a fraction of the cost, while being kinder to your lips.

Absolutely Safe
Our formulas use only the highest quality, proven effective and completely free of parabens or any dangerous chemicals.

Immediate and long-term results
Our revolutionary lip plumper for every lip enhancement need! It provides incredible, immediate results. If you're looking for long-term, progressive results, it increases lip volume by 82% in just 30 days.

Plump, Full, Soft Lips
If you want fuller, plumper, softer lips, our products can also be used as part of your daily beauty regimen without risking your health.


Because our unique formulation the serum is super lightweight and absorbs right into the lips leaving ZERO residue.

This let's the lips reap all the benefits of our special sauce FAST!

You can get noticablly bigger lips in as little as 5 minutes, so if your ever in a pinch and need a little extra pout. This little miracle serum got your back.

A clinically proven lip-plumping treatment and ultra-shiny gloss with immediate and long-term visible plumping, softening, and hydrating benefits. Immediately, lines look filled and the lip surface looks smooth.

Powered by Captivasy™, clinically-proven to:
● Improved lip condition by +100%
● Improved lip softness and comfort by +70%
● Improved lip hydration +60%
● Increased lip volume +40%
● Reduced lip folds +29%

*Based on an independent study on the specific ingredient complex, Captivasy™.

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