Translucent Fleece Tights For Dark Skin

Sold 759
Color:  Chocolate
Fits Weight(Fits 85Lb~255Lb):  85-155 lbs
Temperature:  WARM:FOR 70°F TO 50°F(Thin Plush)

Black and brown girls, have you been looking for skin-toned translucent wool pantyhose for dark skin?

Want to stay warm and look cute this winter? 

Look no further. Shop our fleece-lined tights that are inclusive for women of color. 🤎Redefining the word "nude."

Nude is not light beige.We should never associate the term with the "default" skin tone, nude is the color of anyone's skin composition!

Captivasy Fleece Tights™ are unique fleece-lined tights that give the illusion of wearing sheer black stockings over your legs. Look effortlessly stylish on the outside while staying warm and comfy with a soft, high-quality fleece layer on the inside. Comfy, warm, lightweight, snug = THE perfect combination for cooler temperatures!

You don't have to suffer anymore! The elegant look goes perfectly with dresses, skirts and also boots or high heels. The high-quality Fleece inside keeps you comfy and warm for icy temperatures of up to 5°F!

Slimming, Shaping, and Supportive

Our Tights keeps your legs in shape and accentuate your curves by flattening your tummy. The special push stitching on the buttocks makes your bottom look even more athletic and rounded. Definitely a must-have!

"I came across Captivasy Fleece Tights on social media while searching for an inclusive fleece lined tights brand to cater to us Black/brown girls! I was super excited to see these were in stock and on sale , they fit well, with a snug fit and feel soft and warm. The chocolate color matches my skin tone as well. It's the middle of winter in NYC so I can't wait to wear these out!"

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Kia ✅ Verified Buyer
Who We Are?
We are more than just a brand, we are a community that is extremely inclusive, most people would probably define nude as light beige, but we have heard over and over again that it shouldn't be up to other people to define themselves, here we love every skin color and we are willing to make black people their own unique styles, it's been a crazy journey filled with excitement, tears, anger, and disappointment, we hope the next chapter is better, but look at this amazing community we created out of our desire for change, we are sure it will be better.

No need to sacrifice warmth for style or only wear your cute dress with not quite as complementary solid colored tights just to stay warm. This pair of warm winter tights can make an outfit go from unwearable to seasonally appropriate in seconds!

Just remember...

Many women still can't buy our tights because of sizing issues ...... In order to fulfill their needs, we need your support as well!

With Captivasy FleeceTights™, diverse skin tone shades and sizes are prioritized!

The tights provide more than just warmth and comfort while looking cute, they provide endless outfit options. Enjoy a new found confidence, freedom and versatility with more outfit options in these tights with dresses, skirts, boots and heels or any shoe for that sheer black tights finished look while feeling warm, comfy and stylish!

Soooo comfy...

You can still move flexible without any restrictions. The seams are specially designed, so that they will not bother you while walking or even running. Now you don't have to choose between cozy and functional!

Perfect For All Body Types

Our extremely stretchy material is made to fit all sizes!
Every penny earned from the sale of tights will be directly reinvested with the development of sizes and more shades.

💖Support small brand

We are a small family business. My aunt Jenny is very good at customer service because she is always nice to people. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask her at If you do have any questions you'll be talking to someone who really knows just about everything that's going on!

We appreciate your support more than you can imagine and we are committed to making our brand inclusive. We wouldn't be here without you, so we wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us make that happen.

Click the ADD TO CART button before we sell out. 

Shipping Time

🔥Our current turnaround time is running 1-5 business days due to our products are all handmade. Although some of the items are made ahead, due to the high volume of orders, shipping times are longer than usual. If I have the item ordered in stock I will mail it out as soon as possible!
🚀Standard shipping is $5.99.
😉Thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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