Workout Shockproof Push up Bra

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Color:  Black
Size:  S(32/70A, 32/70B, 32/70D, 34/75A)

The best sports bra for an active lifestyle!

The unique shockproof design ensure the girls stay in place during your gym session.
A bra that supports your breasts and back while you do the things you like best is important for feeling comfortable. It's time you use the Workout Shockproof Push up Bra.
A workout bra that truly supports and is comfortable for any workout.


The Workout Shockproof Push up Bra is created to support but not constrict you.It helps prevent your breasts from jiggling and hurting while you do extreme sports or workout. And with its zipper closure design, wearing a comfortable bra has never been easier!


Get the best support for your active lifestyle Ultra-tight shockproof sports vest ! Shockproof breathable gives you maximum comfort and free range of motion through any physical activity.

  • Wire-Free,Does not have uncomfortable underwire but it does not flatten your boobs and still gives the lifted look.
  • Extra wide straps,The extra wide straps  for  better support and to distribute pressure ,  preventing pain or discomfort .

Convenient to wear

Zipper Closure,No need to struggle,you can wear it like a vest then zip it close.

Breathable Fabric

This bra features a breathable fabric on the inside to keep you comfortable and cool. The back design smooths out any lumps and bumps and the 4 steel bones keep it from rolling up. This bra has a front zipper for easy dressing.

Two-Way Stretch Fabric ,Keeps bounce under control with the highest level of support.

Size chart

Size Bust(inches) Waist(inches) Corresponding Cup
S 33.5-35.5 28.5-30 32/70A, 32/70B, 32/70D, 34/75A
M 36.5-37.5 31.5-33.5 34/75B, 34/75C, 34/75D, 36/80A
L 39-40.5 35-37 36/80B, 36/80D, 38/85A, 38/85B
XL 42-43.5 39-41 38/85C, 38/85E, 40/90A, 40/90B
2XL 45-46.5 43-45.5 40/90C, 40/90E, 42/95B, 42/95C
Compared to Regular Sizes: Tall Sizes +1.5" in Sleeve Length
  • Maximum Breast Support,Instantly lifts and supports for a better posture, no jiggling breasts while doing your simplest to highest intensity sport or workout.
  • Perfect For Workout,Perfect for all sports such as running, jogging, dancing, cycling, HIIT, tennis, badminton, yoga and more!


  • Colour: White, Black, Green, Pink, 
  • Size: S to 2XL
  • Package contains: 1 x Push up Bra

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