Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

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Style:  BABYGIRL | 7-11mm Round
Choose The Free One:  BABYGIRL

Cheers to our 2 years!

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We're celebrating our anniversary with the Best-selling Soft Magnetic Eyelashes.

Instantly upgrades your eye makeup with BEWITCHING, SEXY eyelashes. 

Pay for a pair of will get two pairs and a free special eyelash curler for magnetic lashes.


A trendy new way to lengthen eyelashes in seconds.

Soft magnetic technology driving innovation in the industry.

The pioneer of soft magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic lashes are super-easy to care for (unlike lash extensions, which need a lot of TLC and upkeep), as well as being easy to apply and remove. They offer real flexibility in your look and lash style without having to worry about them staying in place.

It protects your delicate lashes while not harming your eyelids.

  • Reconfiguration
    Magnetic reconfiguration to achieve high magnetic field utilization, and a softer, lighter, and more stable magnetic strip.
  • Soft
    Proportional polymer composite material makes the magnetic strip softer and more snug.
  • Light feeling
    The 0.1mm thin magnetic strip made of polymer material makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Magnetic force
    Multi-pole magnetization technology breaks through the magnetic threshold, which brings a more solid wearing experience.

It can be reused many times. You can enjoy the look of your beautiful lashes all day long.

Super Magnetic. High-strength small magnets work well, no need to worry about eyelashes falling off.

Safe to use. Ergonomic design fits most eye shapes without damage, advanced soft magnet design allows it to be used on sensitive skin. 

Easy to use. This professional eyelash curler features an innovative curved shape that safely applies lashes in seconds.

BABYGIRL✨Short Round (7mm-11mm)

Get ready to be spoilt! The Babygirl lash has the power to get you just about anything. It is a wispy round lash that looks very natural on the eye and feels super lightweight as well. It is made from a high-quality synthetic fiber and is therefore 100% vegan. The lash also comes with 5 lash anchors that can strengthen the hold of your lash and keep them in place all day long.

VIRGO✨Short Wispy (12mm)

No-nonsense, pristine, and practically perfect — just like an IRL Virgo — these natural magnetic lashes will be your go-to for every occasion. They're our most natural-looking vegan lash, perfect for the office, school, or brunch with friends. 

MISS CALIFORNIA✨Medium Wispy (10mm-13mm)

Creating curves, this medium volume flare lash focuses on body contouring. The light crossover adds a slender texture, while the long layer over the short layer creates a playful, ethereal look.

Bo$$ Babe Round(8mm-13mm)

Made with premium quality lash fibers that blend seamlessly with your natural hairs. Get that super-natural effect that looks and feels real! Flirty and fun lash style perfect for accentuating the natural shape of your pretty eyes!

BIRTHDAY BI$H✨Long Cat Eye (6mm-14mm)

Be the center of attention even when it’s not your party! Birthday Bi$h is our volume-packed, super glamorous lash, perfect for a celebration. She has an ultra-wispy cat eye shape that adds a hint of allure to your look, while still looking classy and elegant. Vegan-friendly, they're made from synthetic fibers that look and feel like mink. This winged lash is the ideal shape for round eyes to beautifully sculpt and accentuate your iris.

  • Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and make the most of your eye makeup with these handcrafted magnetic eyelashes
  • Each strand of lashes simply rests around your natural lashes with a tiny, featherweight magnetic strip
  • Saving you tons of time to do the rest of your makeup or hairstyling With the magic of 3D Dual Magnetic Lashes, you can go from natural lashes to WOW-worthy eyes in seconds     


  • Material: High-Quality Synthetic Fiber
  • Contains 5-magnets for maximum hold, trimmable to any length
  • Comes with lash anchors to strengthen the hold of your lash
  • Comes with a special magnetic case for safe-keeping
  • Reusable up to 60 times
  • Package includes eyelash curler

How to use 3D Magnetic Eyelashes:

  • 1/ Hold the top lash over your eye.
  • 2/ Position the top part of the magnetic lash on top of your eyelash.
  • 3/ Make sure the top part of the magnetic lash is stable then get the bottom part.
  • 4/ Place the bottom lash so that it connects with the top lash leaving your natural eyelash in between.

Package Includes

  • 1 pair of regular-priced lashes.
  • 1 pair of FREE lashes in any style of your choice
  • Special eyelash curler for magnetic lashes.

Ditch your lash glue and try magnetic lashes today!

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