Hot air automatic rotating comb

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Color:  RED
Type:  U.S. Voltage & Plugs

This hot air brush aims to make hair styling easier. They are essentially 3-in-1 tools that combine hair brushing and drying functions. This styler features a round barrel with superior heat transfer for longer-lasting hairdos. Unique airflow vents allow air to flow to the roots for added lift and body. Ceramic coating protects hair from breakage, and also emit negative ions to reduce frizz.

  • Two Brush Attachments: 1.5” and 2” Round Spin Brush
  • 2 Heat Settings + 1 Cool Setting
  • Real Built-in Negative Ion Generator
  • Nylon Pin Bristles and Tufted Bristles Mix
  • Unique Air Flow Vents
  • 360° Swivel Power Cord
  • Auto-rotating Function
  • ALCI Safety Plug

2 Interchangeable Brushes

Brush attachment with diameter of 1.5 inches suits for soft curls and waves.

Brush attachment with diameter of 2 inches is better to create hair volume.

3 Setting Modes

High Setting: Combines ideal airflow with higher temperature, especially recommended for pre-drying and also for styling thick hair.

Low Setting: It combines ideal air flow and temperature setting for shaping finer, damaged or treated hair.

Cool Setting: Create a long-lasting effect hair style with the cool setting in the end.

Lightweight & Ergonomic Handle

In order to prevent muscle fatigue, this hot air brush is designed light in weight. Although the handle looks a little big, you won't feel tired even after holding for hours. The ergonomic shape and non-slip surface make it easier to grip, which provides better control to achieve better effects.

360° Swivel Cord

The 360° rotating wire allows for a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement without tangling and damaging the cable.

Ceramic Coating

Protect hair from over-styling with even heat distribution that penetrates hair quickly from the inside out for less damage.

Change the Brush Attachment

STEP 1: Turn off and unplug the appliance and leave it to fully cool down.

STEP 2: Press the button that on the top of the brush and pull out the brush.

STEP 3: Hold and push the another brush.

Styling with a Rotating Hot Air Brush

1. It has 2 interchangeable accessories to style your hair easily; it is powerful enough to dry your hair, and at the same time it styles.

2. Before using, towel dry your hair and smooth it with a comb or brush to prevent tangling. Styling your hair will be faster if the hair is slightly damp, not wet.

3. Plug the appliance into an electrical outlet and slide the switch to the high setting for styling medium-to-thick hair. The low setting is recommended for fine hair.

4. To start rotation, press the rotation button in the desired direction of rotation ( right or left).

5. Keep pressing the switch while blow drying.

6. To stop rotation, release the rotation button.

7. When the desired style is achieved, use the cool setting with any attachment to lock the style in place.

8. Always use the appliance with an attachment in place.

* The newbie needs a little more time and practice to mastering this tool. Once you get used to using it, you'll experience salon styling in comfort of your own home. Don't give up after first use, because it is really a useful styling tool.

About Hot Air Spin Brush Kit

Using Tips:

*Use this product to brush and dry the hair first, then use the spin function when the hair is almost dry.

*Before using the spin function of the item, please separate hair into small sections. Do not rotate too much hair at one time.

*Please read the following notices before purchasing this hot air spin brush kit:

1. The brush will stop spinning automatically in 2 situations:

* Stop pushing the rotation button.

* The brush meets large resistance, such as thick hair, and wet hair.

2. The diameter of the handle is around 2 inches.

3. This hot air brush can not instead of the traditional curler to create curls, but it can add volume and shine while blowing and styling.

4. The hot air brush won’t make curly hair stick straight. It is typically used to smooth or add a gentle curl to straight hair.

5. If you are a novice, you may need some practice to master.

Product Details

U.S. 110v voltage, 750w power

Power cord length: 1.8m

Dimensions : ‎ 14.3 x 2.24 x 2.36 inches; 2.56 Pounds

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