Sauna Thermal Compression Leggings

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Color:  Black-blue Inner
Size:  S(131lbs-150lbs)

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Sweat it out with our Thermal sauna leggings. Designed with a thermal-tech fabric in the waist and tummy, these leggings are designed to stimulate sweating. Their high-waist design features three rows of hooks to provide the perfect contour and compression. The legs feature a breathable fabric that is moisture wicking.

Slimming and Shaping

The high waist design and compression fabric provide a flattering and slimming effect on your body shape.

Butt Lifting

Our Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings holds up waist area well and shape your midsection comfortably. The extra compression band on top does help with the tummy and lift the booty, the band is not too thick so it doesn't create a bulge like some tights. The tummy compression makes you look your best in Any outfit.

Engineered to feel like next to nothing sensation and keep you confident while exercising, our legging just delivers you the must-have technical performance qualities.V-contour seam on back and form-fitting design sculpts silhouette perfectly and flatter your figure. Soft and curve hugging, these pants can go anywhere you go. From the yoga studio or a run on the beach, you can hop in your car or on your bike and go run errands without having to change.

Effective Tummy Control

3 Rows of Hooks for Enhanced Tummy Control,Captivasy's Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings come with a unique feature of 3 rows of hooks in the abdomen area providing double firm control on your tummy.
Experience the comfort of our leggings with a seamless waistband that does not dig in when you’re doing your downward dog. As an added benefit, this wide waist band offers you tummy support making you look slimmer than you ever thought possible.

Sweat Sauna Effect

The sweat-wicking fabric helps you sweat more during your workout, promoting a sauna-like effect to enhance your fitness results.

Comfortable Fit

The body-shaped leggings are made of soft and stretchy material, ensuring a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Soft Fabric,Four-way stretch, breathable and sweat-wicking nylon and spandex blend material.Non see through, you will feel secure and confident.Fabricated to be buttery soft, these Leggings pants are the perfect blend of spandex and nylon giving you the stretch you need to accommodate all of your intricate yoga poses. Fitting flush against your skin, these pants move with you without bunching, pinching or pulling for a workout immersed in comfort.

These leggings are designed to feel like a second skin, with its body-hugging fit to provide you with maximum comfort, while helping you snatch your body and give you that chic look.

Versatile Activewear

Perfect for yoga, running, gym, or any other workout, these leggings are a must-have addition to your activewear collection.

Our Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings are best sellers. They instantly shaped snatch you while giving abdominal support. You can dress them up or down. wear while working out or on the run. They have great stretch. 

The front buckle closure ensures a secure fit and prevents rolling down, so you can wear these pants with confidence all day long.

Made with high-quality materials, our shaping pants are comfortable and breathable, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Level: The Comforter

Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings could help you lose your weight. and let you have a healthy body.

These pants can be worn as underwear or shapewear, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
Say goodbye to muffin tops and love handles and hello to a smooth, toned look with our Front Buckle Shaping Pants.


Size(inch) Waist(inch) Hip(inch) Length(inch)
S 30 36 36.6
M 32 38 37
L 34 40 37.4
XL 36 42 38.2
2XL 38 44 38.6
3XL 40 46 39.0


Material:90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
Waist Type:High Waist
Fabric:4-Way Stretch
Pattern Type:Plain

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