Compression Jumpsuit Shaper

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Color:  BLACK
Size:  S(4-6)

Invisible Body Shaping Coach To Create Hourglass Curves For You!!!

The ultimate solution for a flawless silhouette! Say goodbye to cellulite worries and hello to confidence, as this shapewear not only conceals cellulite but also snatches your waist and back for an irresistibly sculpted look.

We help you build not only your body, but your confidence.

All in one contouring bodysuit

Workout Compression Jumpsuit Shaper is an all in one contouring bodysuit and shapewear garment. It shapes waist, core, chest, back, butt and thighs. All while working out and enhancing body shape. Instead of wearing multiple shaping pieces. Garment made of excellent quality, nylon and spandex. Shapes and contours body. Perfect for athletes, gym workouts, fitness classes and comfortable for everyday wear. Can be worn alone or under clothing. Lifts butt and smoothes wrinkles under clothing.

Lift your booty

Lift your booty instantly with our Workout Compression Jumpsuit Shaper.This shaper provides firm compression in the tummy, waist, and hips and features a microfiber in the back which lifts your booty and gives a rounded lifted effect. It is designed to lift your natural booty shape, not flatten your assets.

Cellulite Concealer

Compression Jumpsuit Shaper is designed to discreetly hide cellulite, giving you the smooth and flawless appearance you desire.Waist Snatcher Achieve that coveted hourglass figure effortlessly. This Shaper is designed to provide modest compression. Our shapewear is expertly crafted to hold your stomach in, tighten your midriff ainstantly and reduce your waistline,accentuating your curves and creating a stunning silhouette.
Non-Slip Lace Hem- The silicone inside the lace hem can prevent the bodysuit from curling and rolling. No more bulge problems.

Lift the bust

It can also help push up and support your breasts, which makes your figure more curvy and beautiful.It features a full body design to lift and sculpt the bust. It has zipper enclosure to ensure your maximum or optimal level of compression.High elastic fabric and compression design accommodate most bust sizes.

Applicable to various occasions

Versatile Design: Whether you're slipping into that little black dress or your favorite pair of jeans, our Shapewear complements any outfit seamlessly.

The softest fabric

Shapewear is an intimate clothing, and we use our best efforts to find the softest fabric, only to feel the highest level of comfort when you wear it.The fabric of our shapewear consists of 52% nylon and 48% spandex, which is comfortable and skin-friendly, breathable and highly elastic.The high quality fabric wicks away moisture and sweat, perfect for you to wear all day long, suitable for all seasons.The ultra-soft material is so comfortable you will want to wear it everyday.The unadjustable wide straps can effectively relieve the pressures on your shoulders and back, which can be supportive for a long-time wearing experience.It also features a zipper design for easy access and a more seamless look under clothes.
Crotch with opening design provides convenience for women to go to the lady's room.embrace your own curve and offer good positivity to your body shape. Shop the best shapewear body shaper to fit any of your outfits.
Size(IN) Bust(IN) Waist(IN) Hips(IN)
S 29.9-31.5 22-23.6 31.5-33.1
M 31.5-33.1 23.6-25.2 33.1-34.6
L 33.1-34.6 25.2-26.7 34.6-36.2
XL 34.6-36.2 26.7-28.3 36.2-37.8
2XL 36.2-37.8 28.3-29.9 37.8-39.4
3XL 37.8-39.4 29.9-31.5 39.4-40.9
4XL 39.4-40.9 31.5-33.1 40.9-42.5
5XL 40.9-42.5 33.1-34.6 42.5-44.1
6XL 42.5-44.1 34.6-36.2 44.1-45.6

Package Includes

  • 1 pc of body Shaper(Black/Nude)
  • or 2pcs of body Shapers(Black+Nude)

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