Contour Sculpting Seamless Bodysuit

$29.59 $49.00
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Color:  Black
Size:  XS

To celebrate"2nd birthday", the bodysuit is on sale for 40%OFF for a limited time!!!

Wear Your Favorite Clothes Again

Anyone without a perfectly flat tummy knows how discouraging it is to have belly fat annoyingly bulge through clothes. Our bodysuit is not just a piece of clothing; it's a confidence booster designed to make you feel incredible in your favorite clothes again.

Lift & Sculpt Your Curves

Moderate compression can reduce your tummy and waistline, lift your bottom, support your back, and push your body up. No compression in the bust area, perfect for all-day wear.

 Shape Perfect Thigh Lines

With a mid-thigh length, this tummy control shapewear holds in your core, shapes and lifts your butt and chest, and smooths your upper thighs. With a cross-seamless fabric design in the front and back thigh area, it helps tighten your thigh fat all the time and prevent thigh edges from rolling up.

Staple For Every Womens Closet

Perfect for any occasion, this romper is versatile and can be dressed up or down. Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or just lounging around at home, the Captivasy Snatched Romper is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Size Chart(inches)

According to our size chart, choose the appropriate size. 

If you are between two sizes, we recommend going one size larger for daily comfort.

Size Waist(inches) Bust(inches) Hips(inches) Weight(lbs)
XS 18-20 28-30 22-25 99-110
S 20-22 30-32 25-30 110-120
M 22-24 32-34 30-32 120-135
L 24-25 34-37 32-35 135-155
XL 25-26 37-40 35-38 155-185
2XL 26-27 40-42 38-40 185-190
3XL 27-28 42-45 40-43 190-200
4XL 28-29 45-47 43-45 200-210
5XL 29-31 47-52 45-50 210-250

This is what keeps us Moving Forward

Rated 4.8 / 5 by 3.000 + Happy Customers

"So comfortable!"

have seen various types of shape-wear everywhere and what made me choose this one was that the strap is wider - I didn't want thin straps that may dig into my shoulder. Perfect fit, perfect hold, perfect breathable material. Will be getting another one soon.

—— Melissa

"Exactly as expected"

This shapewear definitely sucks you in and smooths you out. The material is not see through , so it’s nice enough to wear as a black tank with high waisted pants. Definitely enhances the butt too. Very happy with this!

——Helen Edwards

Amazing bodysuits!

I bought my usual size and it fit as expected. I love that the straps don't dig into my shoulders! I can wear it all day with ease. It smooths me out and I can even wear with jeans without having the lines. Good price too!

——Jeanie Frazier

Now is the time

Get your bodysuit today, and treat yourself to the ultimate in Comfort .

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Shipping Time

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