Built-In Hip Lift booty Jeans

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Color:  Blue
Size:  XS

If you've ever wished you could roll and lift your hips without the need for extra padding or shapewear, then we've come up with the perfect in-built butt lift jeans to capture your heart. Designed to accentuate your curves, lift your buttocks and trim your tummy, thighs and legs.

Whether you're looking for sexy butt-sculpting jeans or delightful boyfriend style jeans.These will shape your figure without cramping your style.


😍Starting now!! Get a peachy butt without surgery!

The Built-In Hip Lift booty Jeans are the perfect solution for shaping your silhouette. Its high shoulder straps and inner waistband are designed to cover and flatten the tummy to avoid uncomfortable curls. Its inside-out cut enhances the hip line so you can stay secure and confident.

Lift your hips to show off your perfect figure

The high waist design enhances your waistline, the buttock lifting design accentuates the curve of the buttock.Our jeans are made from soft and highly stretchable fabric that adapts to your body, allowing you to show off your charms while enjoying comfort and a perfect fit.

Buttoned high waist seamless design

2-Pocket, button fly closure, hip lift.The high waist seamless design gives you a perfect body line and visually slimmer legs, and the modern slim fit ensures comfortable all-day wear.

Lift the buttocks and drive up sexier

Its push-up style and cut perfectly flatters your hips and enhances your curves, without feeling constricting.The high waistband lets you hide those rolls for a flat tummy that will always look sexy.

Easy to match

This pair of pants can be worn for any occasion! Whether it's casual wear or work attire, these pants will surely complete your outfit and leave others speechless. They're also great for the gym and yoga classes. Wear with shirts, vests, short shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets.shoes can be matched with high heels, sports shoes, and casual shoes.


XS 31.4-33.8 24.4-26.7 33-35.4
S 33.8-36.2 26.7-29.1 35.4-37.7
M 36.2-38.5 29.1-31.4 37.7-40.1
L 38.5-40.9 31.4-33.8 40.1-42.5
XL 40.9-43.3 33.8-36.2 42.5-44.8
2XL 43.3-45.6 36.2-38.5 44.8-47.2
3XL 45.6-48.0 38.5-40.9 47.2-49.6


Please allow a size difference of 0.2-1 inch due to manual measurement.

The colors may vary depending on the display of your electronic device.


Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, cold water, minimal eco-friendly detergent.

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