About Us

Captivasy is a brand that is created by women for women. We offer quality-made products that aim to make women's self-care luxurious and sexy.

Captivasy started as a small group of designers who consisted of 2 designers - Ashley and Olivia. Our goal is to promote contemporary fashion and to establish a powerful and supportive customer base.

Our role, as designers are to make only unique designs, which later will come to life, thanks to our makers from Hong Kong. Their names are Kit and Tag-Yeon. They are two passionate women who dedicate themselves every day to creating the products that eventually end up delivered next to your door. They also distribute the goods across the globe to the final customer or to my address, from which I personally dispatch the goods across the United States. Because of the big amount of orders, they hired 6 assistants that help them with the primary and most monotonous stage of the creation of our products. These are all people that contribute to the Captivasy shop.

Our business is about people. From design to production, from customer service to our amazing customers, we have some of the best.

As a small business, we have 4 departments now. My two younger sisters, Jeanne and Clara majored in accounting at university and surely manage all the stuffs about money now. Jenny is very good at customer service because she is always nice to people. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask her at support@captivasy.com. My two older brothers, Josh and George, are happy to process orders and ship them out while listening to Coldplay and Suede.